What doesn’t matter.

Here we are, again. So, let me ask you a question. How many of you have thought about the ‘likes’ or ‘comments’ on your recent posts on social networking sites? We check it daily. That has taken over our lives. 

Are these things really that important? I mean, do you think that if a person has less number of likes on his/her posts, he/she is a boring person? Really? 

Let us just try to see what these things do in our lives. If they are there then good, we feel good. A fake euphoric sensation runs through your body. You think “oh I’ve got 101 likes on my picture! I’m so hot! People love me!” That is wrong. *not sure about the “hot” part, but definitely sure about the ‘people love me’ part*And if they are not there, if you don’t get the number of likes or comments that YOU were expecting, anxiety kicks in. Sometimes leads to deprivation of self appreciation and what not. In today’s world, ummm, today’s “teen world”, likes and comments are a major factor if you want to be the “cool guy/girl”. But why do you want to be the “cool guy/girl”? Think about it. Ask yourself. For becoming famous? Amongst what? A bunch of fake teenagers? Yes, I said fake. 98% of teens you’ll meet and maybe befriend would be fake. Actually, it’s all because of the high expectations that people keep for themselves. “oh I should be like XYZ so abc will like me” or “oh I should be like pqr so that people will like me”. Why do you want to be like someone else to get someone to like you? Let’s believe for a minute that that certain someone likes you for what you’ve become, you think you’ll be able to hold on to that persona for a long time? A time will come *really soon* and you’ll become yourself and that certain someone will stop liking you. Then you’ll start feeling lonely and anxious, sometimes it lasts for a long time. Now ask yourself, “was it worth it?”. I’m sure you’ll get the answer.

Don’t become like someone else because you want a person or a group of people to like you. If they really like you, they’ll like you for who you are. 

The amount of likes and comments won’t do shit, neither now nor later in life, so stop giving importance to it and stop judging people on the basis of it.

Bye! 😀

You were born an original, don’t die a copy.


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